Meet Our Team

Process in the absence of capable execution is meaningless. Execution begins and ends with human capability; this is the team that ensures that our projects are well programmed and professionally executed.

meet the team


Build Director | Principal

Aaron is an Atlanta native with more than a decade of experience in construction and real estate. He has successfully lead his team through hundreds of residential and light commercial construction projects. He has managed investment projects and third party construction hundreds of times over, and brings a lifelong love of detail and learning to every interaction.

As an avid traveller and information junky, Aaron has trotted the globe honing the informational aspect of his craft. He has travelled extensively throughout America, Europe, and Japan, and has spent way too many hours staring at upsettingly abnormal means, methods, and architectural concepts to see the world from within the confines of the typical box too many construction professionals find themselves in.

Aaron started Craftbuilt in 2009, as the recession truly set in. He likes to say that during the time when the Titanic (IE: The Economy) was going vertical and breaking apart in the middle, he had a first-row deck chair to the action. During that time, he is unabashed to say that his team would tackle absolutely any work that came their way.

This go-get-it attitude lead to a variety of work, not all of which is fit for public consumption. However, it also afforded the opportunity to deal with a huge variety of structural, design, and abnormal problems that embedded the need for creative problem solving early in his career.

The exposure to this variety and need for creative problem solving pushed Aaron to build a team whose values center on learning and finding ways to implement best practices despite less than ideal circumstances. How do you air seal a 100+ year old home with holes like swiss cheese? Our team figured it out – finishing renovation projects that blow tighter air change tests than the average new home.

This ability to implement best practices in less than ideal renovation circumstances has afforded Aaron and his team an outstanding set of tools and principles to create outstanding products when afforded total control over new construction projects. Craftbuilt’s new construction methodology creates great results with very predictable criteria. The ability to push the envelope of building science in some way on every job is a huge source of pride.

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys hiking and camping, and practices Muay Thai, and JuJitsu. Also, a proud nerd interested in that which beeps, buzzes, lights up, or turns on. He will drone on about travel to anyone who will listen, and speaks enough Japanese to get into real trouble and can order a beer in about a dozen languages.


Design Director | Founder

An Atlanta native and veteran of art and design, Gina has the unique background of having grown up in the field of architecture with a direct link to the construction of every projects she designs. For her, architecture has never been about abstract concepts far removed from the reality of project execution – but rather, a symbiotic relationship with a team that must holistically plan and execute every single plan set.

A fine artist by training, Gina moved from fine art to architecture after seeing the power of physical creation breathing life into design. Her unique perspective stems from a lifetime spent marrying the world of creative imagination with the physical reality of the felt human experience.

Her dichotomy of perspective and experience gives Gina’s plans a unique bent toward being both beautiful, practical, and perhaps most importantly, buildable. She likes to stay intimately involved in the process of creation from the blank page through physical construction, and has been spotted on job sites, tape measure in hand, many times.

A born innovator and life-long learner, Gina has traveled Europe and Japan extensively seeking out new visions and implementations. Her belief is that the best results stem from a wide breath of experience and observation.

Privately, Gina is a news hound, foodie, and enjoys philosophy. Her favorite thing to do seems to be listening to podcasts while sketching, and she will happily breeze hours over a drink discussing the current zeitgeist.


Production Controller

A third generation builder and native of Rome, Georgia, Josh’s career began on his father’s jobsites as the “Pick that up!” kid. Moving past that phase in life, Josh worked as a trim and rough carpenter before moving on to crew management. His in-the-field experience informs his every day on the job, providing him with incredible insight into the nuts and bolts of day to day operations and the practical demands of keeping a job running smoothly.

As Production Controller, Josh is responsible for the planning and implementation of project work scopes. He delivers critical information and instruction to trade partners and ensures that materials are where they need to be. His ability to deliver on-time and on-scope results is invaluable to the Craftbuilt team and our clientele, and we are extremely grateful to have him with us.

An enthusiastic learner, Josh is excited to see the construction industry moving forward toward energy efficient designs. “We now have the chance to redefine what Craftsmanship means, by taking the same amount of care with the pitch of the roof and the position of the rooms as we do with the interiors and pretty things – it’s very similar to building practices from 100 years ago, but with innovative materials that make unique builds possible’

Privately, Josh juggles a growing family with the demands of modern living; he finds solace and comfort in his vegetable garden at home and has often said that, but for a twist in the story of life, he may have lived happily ever after as a river rat tending to the forests and streams of Georgia that he knows and loves so well. A gentle giant of a man, Josh is always happy to discuss the contents of the day in the comfortable company of friends.


The Craftbuilt team cannot be discussed without talking about our trade partners. One of the most important aspects of what we do is the simple truth that no one person builds or renovates a house in a vacuum. We rely on our trade partners to take exact work scopes and deliver outstanding, on-time results at every job site.

We outsource our site work to trusted professional specialists who are masters of their field and leaders in the industry. Our tile installer does not moonlight as a drywaller, and our drywaller doesn’t set tile on the weekends. By employing specialists, we can ensure predictable work results with tight time frames. We can also match specialists to the operational requirements of the job at hand – there are hardly any materials or procedures that we don’t have a specific resource for.

We believe in keeping good people close. We vet every sub that steps foot on our sites to what can seem like an almost absurd degree! When our old tile installer of many years finally told us he was retiring, we spent almost 6 months seeking out a new tile installer – asking trusted colleagues, visiting job sites, and speaking to references. The end result is that we have an excellent tile installer that we can trust on a huge variety of installations. We apply this same method and process to every single trade partner we work with.

We also rely on a small army of partners behind the scenes to keep our operations running smoothly – accountants, web designers, office management, and technical consultants. These quiet professionals will likely never meet or interact with our customers, but they are vital to the day to day operations and allow our team to stay focused on what we do best, while they do what they do best.