Meet Our Team

To understand the Craftbuilt team, you need to know one thing — we’re a truly integrated, in-house build team that’s dedicated to achieving a level of consistency and detail that is rattling the custom construction industry. Now meet the talent behind some of Atlanta’s best builds!

meet the team


Build Director | Principal

Favorite Style: Craftsman with Japanese Influence
Secret Weapon: Diligent hiring

Although Aaron is the founder of Craftbuilt, it is impossible to find one term or title that encompasses all of Aaron’s roles or talents. Drawing from his studies at Oglethorpe University and tens of thousands of hours spent working on jobs and walking through thousands of homes around the world, Aaron brings a diverse mindset and understanding into every project.

Aaron is a rare breed of professional, with expertise in real estate, home renovation and construction, international architecture, and information-based solutions. Just as important, Aaron is hands-on, ensuring every detail on every project is executed to perfection. If there’s a better and faster way to do something, Aaron is either learning about it or applying it to his craft. Self-described as obsessive, geeky, and overly intellectual, Aaron is the person you want leading and working on your project.


Design Director | Principal

Favorite Style: I love all good design!
Secret Weapon: coffee

After exhibiting her drawings in New York City’s prestigious Salmagundi Art Club, Gina knew she was ready to take her talent for form and aesthetics to a new level. She says, “I made the switch to 3D design because I wanted to do work that brought art into the real world through tactile elements and a personalized detail.” While much of her inspiration comes from travels all over the world, Gina starts every morning by making fresh ground French press coffee for the office — “It’s my little ritual to get into the details of the day.”

In the office, she focuses primarily on Architectural Design and uses her keen sense of art to help customers choose the color schemes, materials, and fixtures to finish off their dream design. And when you get right down to it, it’s meeting such a wide range of incredible people and solving their complex puzzles that Gina loves the most.


Lead Carpenter | Site Supervisor

Favorite Style: Traditional
Secret Weapon: to-do lists

Josh’s career in carpentry began as the “pick that up” kid on his father’s job sites. 15 years later, he’s leading our carpentry team to meet challenges and exceed expectations. Despite being a jack of all trades and a master of all the latest power tools, Josh relies on his granddad’s old hammer to help keep every project running smoothly.

With a degree in conservation and ecology, it’s no surprise that one of his favorite things is tending the vegetable garden. He’s also very excited to see the construction industry moving to more energy-efficient designs. “We now have the chance to redefine ‘craftsmanship.’ By taking the same amount of care with the pitch of the roof and the position of the rooms as we do with the interiors and pretty things — it’s very similar to building practices from 100 years ago, but with innovative materials that make unique builds possible.”


Office Manager

Favorite Style: Craftsman Bungalow
Secret Weapon: DIY

As a licensed real estate agent and experienced property investor, Connie knows all the ins and outs of homes and homeowners, alike. She was first introduced to the Craftbuilt team when she hired them to renovate one of her rental properties. It must have been destiny because she later became our office manager. Never one to be static or bored, her free spirit and get-it-done attitude now keeps the office organized and ready for whatever the day brings.

After spending 20 years in publishing layout and design, Connie is putting her creative roots to work both in the garden and in the kitchen. She loves to cook the food she grows and, in her spare time, is finishing up a certification course in photography from Emory University. When asked what it is that keeps her so engaged and focused, she replied, “I don’t take things at face value. I love digging in and pulling apart the pieces to see if there’s a better way.” And having described herself as tenacious, dependable, honest and organized there.

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