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If you live in a historic district, regulations might play a big part in the type of remodeling you’re permitted to perform. Fortunately, Craftbuilt has experience completing projects in historic neighborhoods across Atlanta. We’ll apply for building permits on your behalf so you can go on with your busy life. This hands-off approach allows you to sit back and watch as your historic home restoration takes place before your very eyes.

From reviving hand-peeled siding and historic framework to sourcing authentic hardware and finishes, Craftbuilt will restore your home to its original beauty. Let our job site craftsmen bring back the beauty of bygone eras—contact us online or call us at 404-850-9117 today to get your project started.

Historic Home Restoration Services

Historic Home Restoration in Atlanta, GA

Since 2009, Craftbuilt has been a steward of gracious living in Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods, including Druid Hills and Inman Park. Some of the restoration services we perform include:

  • Salvaging existing architectural features: Genuine hardware, windows, doors, trim, stonework, and other features add historic charm to your home. We revive these whenever possible.
  • Replacing damaged elements: As a home ages, it often becomes necessary to replace damaged features. We have a network of resources for replacement millwork and hardware made like Grandpa did it—you’ll think we had it shipped in a time machine.
  • Ensuring safety and code compliance: Standing water, cracked foundations, asbestos insulation, outdated electrical, and other problems are common with historic homes that have been unoccupied for decades. During restoration projects, we ensure your home is safe by complying with all relevant building codes.

We can combine these restoration services with other design/build projects, including remodeling and home additions. We’ll make sure any rooms we renovate or add to match the historic style of the original home.

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Planning Your Home Restoration in Atlanta

Bringing your historic home up to 21st-century living standards can be a challenge. Fortunately, the team at Craftbuilt has experience with these types of projects. We’ll handle the nitty-gritty details to ensure you end up with a functional, beautiful, historically accurate home. Here’s what our design/build process entails:

  • Discover the possibilities and restrictions of your historic home
  • Let our team design every aspect of your restoration
  • Specify which beautiful and durable materials, fixtures, and accents you want to include
  • Let our tradesmen build the restored home you’ve been longing for

Why Work with Experts for Home Restoration?

Restoring a historic home in Atlanta can be an immensely rewarding experience. One that leaves you with a stunning and unique home, and one that can offer an effectively modeled and molded structure according to your needs. However, this is absolutely not a small undertaking. Mistakes, miscalculations, or a failure to understand the complexities and intricacies present within these homes can lead to a huge waste of time and money, or even worse, a waste of a gorgeous and history-laden home.

At Craftbuilt, our restoration experts and in-house construction teams have been handling home restoration and whole home remodeling projects in Georgia for years. We carry extensive experience and superior tools and equipment, and we have the precise eye and practiced hands needed to ensure your project is completed correctly and in a way that suits your needs and fulfills your expectations.

Historic & Older Homes in Atlanta Need Specialized Skills

A home built 50, 60, or even 100 years ago can be gorgeous and full of character. But, many of the techniques and materials used in those days are either now obsolete, or are considered unsafe in a modern home. It takes a certain skill set and team to neutralize problems and assess complications without jeopardizing the home as a whole.

Some of the problems you can expect Craftbuilt to handle for you include:

  • Challenges with unsafe materials such as asbestos and lead
  • Handling and effective replacement of outdated or inefficient building materials
  • Treatment, replacement, or repair of weather-worn or termite-damaged wooden materials
  • Poor insulation or a lack of home sealing that may lead to excessive moisture and humidity
  • Electrical and building systems that are no longer within code
  • Worn or damaged home foundations—unaddressed, or incorrectly addressed, a poor foundation can make restoration impossible

“Craftbuilt did an excellent job! Our addition is beautiful, the perfect space for entertaining. Architect Chris Smith worked to blend our historic home with the new space. Aaron McGinnis was…”

- Happy Customer

“We bought our house from Craftbuilt and have been so please! The entire buying process was so easy because they worked with us with any repairs and needs we had.…”

- Happy Customer

“The Craftbuilt team was a pleasure to work with on our home renovation. They assisted with everything from design to build, coming up with creative ways to maximize our space…”

- Happy Customer

“Craftbuilt folks are honest and dependable and do quality work. It is difficult dealing with the permit processing and they dealt totally with that process. They use a very professional…”

- Happy Customer

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